xflorbal cup




Proposition - XFlorbal Cup for men - JUNE - 2014 - Dubňany

Tournament for all weight categories from 15 years and older


  • When: 1st June 2014 (8:00 to 18:00)
  • Where: Sportcentrum Želva Dubňany ( The Czech Republic)

  • Entry fee: 65 €, to be paid by transfer to the account 2700552411/2010 (more...) until the 15th May 2014
  • Registration: send to e-mail: veit@xflorbalcup.com until 10th May 2014 
  • Players: juniors and men . In case of interest, the participation of girls in team is possible.
  • The player has to have his insurance and identity card.
  • The play system: 8 teams divided into two groups, everyone against everyone. Then follow matches for final standing.
  • Number of players in the field: 5+1
  • Match time: 2 x 12 minutes – super rough time. (Time will keep stopping during the last minute of the game).
  • Referees: The match will be decided by two referees.
  • Qualification Key Victory - 3 points, draw - 1 point, lost game - 0 points. 
    If two/more teams reach the same amount of points after the group matches we separate them by:
    - the amount of points reached in mutual direct matches 
    - the score difference reached in mutual direct matches 
    - the amount of scored goals in mutual direct matches 
    - the total score difference 
    - the total amount of scored goals 
    - lot

    In matches in play-off is decided by raids - 3 players or "sudden death."

  • Basic rules of the tournament: Play is according to the applicable rules ČFbU.
  • Jerseys: Each team should have at least one set with same color (or distinctive vest of the same color).
  • Prices: For the first 3 teams we have prepared cups and kegs of beer, which are at the end of the season always needed. The best players and goalkeepers recieve cups or liquid prices.
  • Note: The organisers are not responsible for the injuries and the property of the competitors left in the changing rooms or on the field.